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Rebel Performance Machines CKC Write up
Not often do I report on other people articles or published info – But having a flick through this months (August 20 Issue 169) of Complete Kit Car I stumbled across an article from / about David Cunningham the owner of Rebel Performance Machines and now the only legal manufacture of the TR1ke, Triabusa, Exobusa and Exotech as purchased from the duo at EXO Sports Cars…
The first read was pleasing – It’s good to know that someone who appears to have loads of energy and time has taken up the rains and looking to make the Bike powered EXO’s more available, I myself had initially planned to build a EXOtech but was put off by the lack of info and handful that had ever been made, that and the info that at the time EXO weren’t making them anymore, anyway I digress ..  
Upon re-reading as I often do, A as the first time I miss most of it as only scan read and B it’s good to let it sink in ..  It appears to be quite damming in the chosen wording and the sentiment conveyed throughout – Which  I’m sure is not an accident and may be a reflection of both deeper feelings and the “issues” most of us have faced with our experiences also ..  
Phrases such as “The information that came with the cars was a bit limited”, “ the little guys who don’t give it the attention it really needs”, “never really got fully developed”, ”not having a proper build manual”, “ scouring forums to find issues that need ironing out” and so on through out the two page spread …
He also goes on to say that they are making chassis and parts ready to ship as soon as orders are placed with parts stocked up ready to go, and setting up building packs to allow stage buys and build packages to be purchased.
All in all – and only my opinion but hopeful Rebel might be able to get the bike engine EXO’s back on track and into the forefront of kitcars where they rightly belong … and when I’m ready to tackle something else, will be something I take time to check out and consider ..
** I don’t have any connection with or affiliation to Rebel Performance Machines, David Cunningham or CKC magazine – Just thought it was an interesting read.

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It sounds promising. I will be keeping my eye on them for future projects also.

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